Unwriting Maya Literature: Ts’íib as Recorded Knowledge
Co-authored with Paul M. Worley. University of Arizona Press, 2019.

Unwriting Maya Literature provides a decolonial framework for reading Maya texts, building on the work of Maya authors and intellectuals Gaspar Pedro González (Q’anjob’al) and Irma Otzoy (Kaqchikel). We privilege the Maya category ts’íib  to reveal how Maya peoples themselves conceive of artistic creation, thereby offering a decolonial departure from theoretical approaches that remain situated within alphabetic Maya linguistic and literary creation.


Book chapters

“Recentering the World: Reading Maya Literatures through Xocom Balumil.” Co-authored with Paul M. Worley. Central American Literature as World Literature. Edited by Sophie Esch. Bloomsbury, 2023. 19-38.

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“(Re)Technologizing the Word: Recording, Knowledge, and the Decolonial Aesthetics of Maya Ts’íib”

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Co-authored with Paul M. Worley.
In Indigenous Interfaces: Spaces, Technology, and Social Networks in Mexico and Central America, edited by Jennifer Gómez Menjívar and Gloria E. Chacón. University of Arizona Press, 2019. 33-55.

“Scars That Run Deep: Performing Violence in the Work of Regina José Galindo and Rosa Chávez.”

In Human and Environmental Justice in Guatemala, edited by Stephen Henighan and Candace Johnson. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2018. 137-172.

“Actos peatonales, actos de consumo: La queerificación del espacio en La estrategia de Chochueca de Rita Indiana Hernández”

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In Rita Indiana: Archivos, edited by Fernanda Bustamante Escalona. Santo Domingo: Ediciones Cielo Naranja, 2017. 57-78. (invited reprint)

“De animales y significados: discursividades en la obra de Augusto Monterroso”

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In La mosca en el canon. Ensayos sobre Augusto Monterroso, edited by Alejandro Lambarry. Mexico D.F.: Fondo Editorial Tierra Adentro, 2013. 109-127.


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